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Floating candles are decorative candles designed to float in water. They are shaped to ensure they will remain stable as they burn rather than tipping or sinking and extinguishing themselves.

The floating candle is a very versatile decorative candle for events. They can be placed in any vessel that holds water. Floating candles can be added to water features in your garden and around your home. Scattered across your swimming pool, they will create a beautiful effect. Just make sure your pool pump is turned off.

They are very popular as a centrepiece at your dinner table or for your next event. Placing a floating candles on the top of a clear glass vase filled with water gives you the opportunity to create a stunning arrangement in the area below the candle. Depending on the theme of your event you could use flowers or a fern leaf from your garden, fruit, sea shells or sequins. Water has the advantage of magnifying the size and colour of your chosen display. The addition of the glow from the floating candle ensures a stunning centrepiece.

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