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The Advantages of Floating Candles

By Sean McCormick 10 days ago 15 Views No comments

Floating candles are decorative candles designed to float in water. They are shaped to ensure they will remain stable as they burn rather than tipping or sinking and extinguishing themselves.

The floating candle is a very versatile decorative candle for events. They can be placed in any vessel that holds water. Floating candles can be added to water features in your garden and around your home. Scattered across your swimming pool, they will create a beautiful effect. Just make sure your pool pump is turned off.

They are very popular as a centrepiece at your dinner table or for your next event. Placing a floating candles on the top of a clear glass vase filled with water gives you the opportunity to create a stunning arrangement in the area below the candle. Depending on the theme of your event you could use flowers or a fern leaf from your garden, fruit, sea shells or sequins. Water has the advantage of magnifying the size and colour of your chosen display. The addition of the glow from the floating candle ensures a stunning centrepiece.

Give Southern Lights Candle Co a call and our experienced staff will help determine the best candle option to add that Finishing Touch to your next event.

The Moreton Range - Eco Friendly Hand Poured Candles

By Sean McCormick 25 days ago 68 Views No comments

The candles in our Moreton Event Candle Range are lovingly hand poured to create a quality, hard-wearing and clean burning decorative candle. Each candle is made with renewable, environmentally friendly vegetable stearin, natural dyes and cotton wicks.

Our factory is a World Fair Trade Organisation supplier, dedicated to delivering positive social impact through candle production. The result is a quality, eco-friendly candle which not only looks stunning, but makes you feel good knowing it was ethically sourced and made.

The Moreton Event Candle range currently boasts 17 stunning colour varieties with more colours being added all the time. A coloured candle is a perfect event candle to add that finishing touch to a beautiful centre piece in your bride's colour palate.

If you have time before your event (3 to 4 months) we can PMS colour match and create a coloured candle to your unique specifications, all within minimums that won't stretch your budget.What a great way to wow your corporate clients with finishing touches in their company colours.

Check out our candles online or give us a call to find out how The Moreton Event Candle range will be the finishing touch to your event.

Tealights or Votives? Which is Better for Your Event?

By Sean McCormick 1 month ago 40 Views No comments

Both the tealight and votive are great event candles.The choice of which to use for your next event will come down to which suits your needs best, based on the following 4 criteria -

  • Burn Time
  • Cost
  • Ambience
  • Clean up

1. Burn Time

Burn time is always a major consideration, when choosing a candle for events.A tealight will last anywhere from 4 to 9 hours while a votive will last from 10 to 15 hours. You don’t want to be replacing or relighting your candles during the event. So if your event is expected to head into the wee hours of the night, then a votive is your best option.

2. Cost

When we are under a tight budget, every dollar counts and our candle choice is not immune from this consideration.

Tealights already come in a metal or acrylic cup. The acrylic cup tealight is more expensive but a tealight is still cheaper than a votive option. Most votives require a votive holder, so you will need to factor this cost in as well.If you really want a votive, Southern Lights Candle Co offers an Acrylic Cup Votive which combines the candle and the holder for one low price.

3. Ambience

In the end, candles are all about the mood they create.The votive is a more substantial candle and when alight in a holder, it does make an impression.However, what it does lack in size, the humble tealight can make up in sheer numbers.Creating a candle light path-way using multiples of tealights can really set the mood for your event.

4. Clean up

You have staged another perfect event, especially with the cinishing touch of decorative candles.Now it’s time for clean up.In this regard the tealight is a perfect option.Set in its own tin or acrylic cup clean up is a cinch.They are considered disposable so they can go straight in the bin.Your normal votive and votive glass are reusable, so you will need to clean the wax out of the glass after use.Here is another advantage of the Acrylic Cup Votive: it’s priced at a level which makes it another disposable option.

Normally when planning an event one of these criterion will determine which candle is best for your event.Once your decision is made, ensure that you buy from a trusted supplier.

The experienced staff at Southern Lights Candle Co take pride in providing quality candles. We will help determine the best candle option to add that Finishing Touch to your next event.

Build your Brand to Increase Sales

By Sean McCormick 1 month ago 90 Views No comments

We live in a world which is connected like never before. The internet, social media and smart phones enable vast distances to be traversed by the hit of an enter key or the swipe on a screen.

Customers and clients that were once happy to be guided by what was available in store or your expert advice have now researched prices on line or created a gallery of images creating their perception of the ideal product.

In retail, it used to be that you could obtain the right to be the sole distributor of a brand or product in your area and your customer would have to travel some distance if they wanted to get that brand from another store. If you had the brand in stock, presented it in a clean and tidy fashion and provided a good level of customer service, your customer would buy from you.

With the proliferation of online stores you are competing against businesses selling the same product from all around the world. They may have cheaper rents, cheaper staffing costs or volume discounting which means they can sell it cheaper than you.

Customers may come into your store already having seen a branded product at half the price on Best Buys or Ebay. You provide a better level of service and the product is there, but is that enough for the average person to buy the product from you?

My question to you is, why compete? Why not create something that customers can't get from anyone else but you?

Every retailer has a story to tell, whether it's how they were founded, why they decided to enter the industry, or a passion that turned into a business.

Why not incorporate that story into your own brand? With your own brand who are you competing against? Nobody else has it but you. Create your own pricing strategy, be more flexible with your offer when receiving client feedback and create a point of difference from your competitors.

While customers will have a general idea of the price of other similar type products, you have the opportunity to sell the benefits of your brand that justifies the price you charge. Can you do that with 3rd party commercial brand?

Here at Southern Lights, we assist retailers just like you to create your own brand. Our inhouse creative team has over 25 years retail experience so we can help shape your ideas into a viable retail offering.

We have the capacity to produce extremely large orders for multi store chains, but the flexibility to produce small orders enabling you to begin your own brand journey without a huge cash outlay.

Give us call to find out how easy it is to create your own brand.

Candles for Events - 4 Steps to the Right Candle

By 1 month ago 37 Views No comments

Here at Southern Lights Candle Co we receive a lot of questions from customers about access to cheap candles for events. We understand that due to budget constraints you may not have a lot of money to spend on decorative candles but you still want to enhance the ambience with a candle.

There are definitely cheap candles out there but are they going to give you the effect your after? There is no use buying cheap if morning of your function you are running around looking for the right candles.

We prefer to use terms value for money, affordable or inexpensive. You can get candles that look great and are inexpensive but you need to make sure they are fit for purpose. Here are the key questions when searching for the best candles for events;

  1. Candle Type
  2. Burn Time
  3. Purchase time
  4. Setup time
  1. Candle Type - this is the most important decision when finding an inexpensive candle. The amount of wax to make a candle is the biggest contributor to its cost. The larger the candle, the higher the cost, not just to make but also in the freight cost to you. Using a type that fits your budget is a great way to start the search for the candles for events. Below is a list of candle types from least expensive to most expensive:
    1. Tealight Candles
    2. Votive Candles
    3. Floating Candles
    4. Pillar Candles
    5. Scented Candles

2. Burn Time - this is strongly linked to cost. The more wax in a candle the longer it will burn.

    1. Tealight Candles (from 4 hours)
    2. Votive Candles (from 10 hours)
    3. Floating Candles (from 3 hours)
    4. Pillar Candles (from 20 hrs)
    5. Scented Candles (from 15 hrs)

You also need to consider the wax type. All wax types have a different melt temperature which can effect not only burn time but their ability to handle the high temperatures. Some cheaper paraffin candles can lose their shape in temperatures as low as 30 degrees.

3. Purchase time - You could buy event candles from local discount stores but limited availability and insufficient quantities mean wasted time and petrol driving from store to store sourcing event candles. So you let your fingers do the walking and search for wholesale event candles online. Hey presto, you are presented with pages and pages of potential suppliers. Here are some places to start buying candles online;

Ebay - you will find a huge range of options for suppliers of cheap candles. If you spend your time looking through each listing you may find candles for your event. Reviews can assist in qualifying suppliers and make sure the candles will be delivered in time for your event. There is no use having inexpensive candles delivered 3 days after they were needed.

Specialty online wholesale candle stores like Southern Lights - specialise in candles of all kinds and price points such as pillar, acrylic tealight, decorative candles and scented candles from affordable and inexpensive to premium. They also offer great help over the phone to make sure you choose the right candle to compliment your event.

4. Setup time - You source an affordable candle only to find they arrive in plastic and it takes an extra 1 hour to unwrap, another hidden time cost which should be averted.

Our recommendation is to look for candles that are wrapped in tissue or paper. This way the candle is protected and you can easily access the candle for a quick and painless setup.

You can find inexpensive candles, it's just understanding what you need and being comfortable from whom you purchase.

Our experienced staff at Southern Lights Candle Co takes pride in providing quality candles for your event. We understand your specific time and budget pressures and here to assist you with your next event. Give us a call to find out how Southern Lights can add the Finishing Touch to your event.

The Votive Acrylic Cup - The Low Cost Mood Maker

By 2 months ago 37 Views No comments

Votive acrylic cup is a great option when you want to create a romantic scene for your next wedding or event on a budget.

You can spend the money on buying a candle plus votive glass or you can save yourself the time and money with the Votive Acrylic cup. The votive and holder in one gives 15 hours of burn time plus there are multiple holder colours from which to choose.

There are more advantages to the Acrylic cup than just price. If you have a restaurant and want to enhance the ambience of your space the Votive Acrylic cup is a perfect option. The flame is contained in the cup and with 15 hours of burn time you can use it for more than one night. Then you can either refill it with another votive candle or throw away the cup and replace with a new one.

A wedding or big event is another great opportunity to buy the Acrylic cup votive candle. The 15 hour burn time ensures you maintain the setting you spent yours to achieve. Ordering a candle and holder set rather than individual pieces will save you time and money. Plus ordering the Votive Acrylic cup can reduce some of the complications of décor ordering thus reducing some of that big event stress.

The Votive Acrylic cup can also be customised with a label for a corporate event or as low cost but thoughtful wedding bonbonniere.


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